One to watch”

— Nashville Songwriters' Association International

Tony James Shevlin

Tony James Shevlin is an Anglo-Irish singer-songwriter who has been a professional musician for most of his adult life. He has had songs used by Amnesty International, The Troggs and REM.  Along the way he has played live on the BBC, US television and at many UK festivals including Secret Garden Party and Maverick.

In 2015 Tony toured the US with his album Songs From the Last Chance Saloon – an album which brings together his influences of growing up in an Irish household, listening to the Beatles and Marty Robbins. Whilst out on the road he wrote 11 songs, which featured on the 2017 album American Odyssey. Many of the songs name-check cities that he passed through such as Santa Fe Sadness, Tucumcari Sunset and Kansas City Won’t Let Me Go

The Daily Country called American Odyssey “an outsider’s love letter to the United States”. Americana UK called it “a sonic postcard… Anglo Americana travelogue that hits the spot…” while RnR Magazine concluded “It’s like listening to a musical roadmap and at each stop there’s a good song with something to say.”

Tony has put together a backing band of veteran musicians called The Chancers to bring to life the subtleties and nuances of his 2017 album American Odyssey.

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